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Texas Tenants Benefits Services

Welcome to Texas Tenants Benefits Services

Doc Prep and Legal Research Paralegals for Tenants Only!

Are you under pressure for being evicted from your home or apartment? Do you feel the landlord is wrong or you simply need time? Here at Texas Tenants Benefits Services, we are experienced paralegals working to help tenants from being illegally evicted. We are not Attorney's: however, as paralegals, we can attend your court hearings, review all documents, prepare the documents, conduct legal research, and gather evidence to prepare the tenant to present their case to the Judge in a professional manner. Our team of paralegals will help the tenant prepare an aggressive file. Many tenants lose their court cases because they are not familiar with legislation for evictions under Texas Law. Each tenant will have a professional paralegal assigned to them throughout their case to give them one-on-one hands-on doc prep & legal research throughout their trial and appeal if need. 

Generally, there are two types of legal actions that a landlord can bring against a tenant, and in many cases, the landlord violates civil procedure.

1. Non-payment proceeding: A situation brought about when the tenant has failed to make payments.

2. Holdover proceedings: A situation brought when the tenant remains on the premises after the lease has expired and not renewed or when the tenant has violated the provisions of such lease agreement.

Generally, there are two types of legal actions that the tenant can bring against the landlord, however, in many cases, the tenant does not understand the civil procedure in bringing a suit against the landlord.

1. Lockout violations: A situation brought about when the tenant is a lockout of his/her property by the landlord without a court order. An emergency hearing can be filed to prevent the tenant from being homeless.

2. Code violation: A situation when the landlord allows the property to remain in unlivable conditions such as mold, plumbing pipes busted, or similar building code violations.

Tenants become intimidated when the landlord mentions evictions or when the sheriff serves the eviction notice and summons to appear in court. Many times, the landlord has violated the legal process under Texas Laws to evict the tenant properly. In 2018, over 68,000 evictions were filed in Harris County, Texas and tens of thousands of tenants were evicted because the tenants did not see the violations committed by the landlord or management team. Landlords are familiar in knowing that tenants really don't understand eviction laws and feel that tenants don't have the money to hire attorneys to attend an emergency eviction hearing. At Texas Tenants Benefits Services, we are not intimidated and will help each client fight to keep their rental or leased property under Texas Laws. Call now for a FREE phone consultation and speak to one of our experienced paralegals today at (832) 376-7739.